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Atlanta United's Virtual Venue Seating for Mercedes-Benz Stadium looks amazing

Best view is the view from the keeper's perspective. Look straight up.


If you had any doubt what Mercedes Benz Stadium would specifically look like for MLS matches, Atlanta United just released their Virtual Venue seating map by IOMEDIA and it looks absolutely amazing. You are encouraged to go check it out. You can even choose a view that lets you see the stadium from a player's perspective. Look skyward when you do; it'll be so worth it!

If, for some unconscionably reason, you've missed some of the details of The Benz, let us review.

First, Arthur Blank has said Atlanta United will not play on football lines. There are a few uninformed fans who occasionally express their concern over playing over the same football field the Atlanta Falcons will play on. That will not be the case.

Second, the sideline seats will be pulled closer to the sidelines when configured for a soccer pitch and retracted for football. This will be done to give the fans a more intimate supporter experience and enhance the overall soccer atmosphere of the stadium.

Third, the upper dome will NOT be tarped like in many MLB or NFL games. Instead, the upper dome will be covered completely so the seats are in no way visible. For the first few home games, however, the Atlanta United front office has said they will open the upper dome and will not limit capacity to 29,322 should demand exceed that number.

For those eager to see the view from the Supporters' Section, we give you a sneak peak at what your seats will look like.

It's important to notice the details of the tarps or blinds covering the upper dome. They clearly do not cover the seats, rather, they cover the entire section. Hopefully that helps The Benz feel smaller when the upper dome is not needed.

That view though.

It's clear to see that there will not be a bad view within The Benz. Every seat will have a great view of the pitch, and an even better view of the stadium as a whole. This Virtual Venue seating map by IOMEDIA should truly get you more excited about watching Atlanta United play in 2017.