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Here's what you missed if you couldn't attend Terminus Legion's annual launch party

The best way to get involved in the Atlanta soccer community is by joining a supporters' group. If you need a preview, a small sample of the people and atmosphere you'll encounter once a member, hit up one of their events - any event.

That's my advice to anyone new to the local footy scene and looking for a way to officially become part of the Atlanta soccer family. Terminus Legion's Terminalia 2016 inside the warehouse of Red Brick Brewing would've been an ideal place to truly kick off your Atlanta United fandom.

The beer - fantastic.

The food, provided locally by Blaxican Food Truck - amazing.

And if you're keen on meeting some of the influential people in the Terminus Legion and Atlanta soccer community, they were there, and they were more than happy to talk to anyone who wanted to say hey. Events like Terminalia give anyone new to the Atlanta soccer scene a chance to see what the community is all about.

Sons of Pitches FC is the largest in-town soccer league, providing adult leagues and pickup games was represented, as well as the AJC's own Doug Roberson, who was spotted mingling with the common folk.

Atlanta United front office staff also had a large presence. Vice President of Business Operations Ann Rodriguez, as well as newly hired Director of Fan Engagement, Sarah Kate Noftsinger, were seen with other Atlanta United personnel posing for pictures and casually interacting with everyone.

Other notable appearances included Terminus Legion podcaster, Austin Long, and Best Buy Soccer, a local soccer store very close to Silverbacks Park.

My point is, there really isn't a better way to get to know and become part of the Atlanta soccer scene, specifically the Atlanta United scene, than by following the suppoters' groups and attending their events. It's especially awesome when the club you support joins you in celebrating local soccer. Plus, like-minded soccer fans have a ton of fun together, just ask the guys who went to the Resurgence FIFA 16 Tournament on Sunday.

But the real highlight of the event were the people. It was the common Atlanta United connection that got people talking, had people sharing stories, encouraged debate over how they'd watch the 2016 MLS season in anticipation for 2017. Casual FIFA games brought strangers together who, otherwise, would've filled up their beer and moved along. USWNT fans heading up to Nashville this weekend realized they could meet up with the local Leicester City supporters Saturday morning to root on The Foxes before cheering on their country.

It's the little things in life that make us happy, but it's these things, and those who make it happen, that make me love the Atlanta soccer community.