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United-Gate: Minnesota United president says rebranding hasn't been confirmed

Not so fast?

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Just when everything looked done and dusted as far as Minnesota United's rebranding is concerned, a wrench has been thrown into the equation. During a Twitter Q&A yesterday, Minnesota's team president, Nick Rogers, stated that fans were being upset about MLS forcing the club to change their name for no reason because nothing has been confirmed.

It was just earlier this week that we saw leaked trademark filings of potential "Minnesota United" replacements. Now this hint that it's not finalized has everything in question.

It's weird to see the club's president give their fans hope like this unless he's being honest. There's no reason for him to give them false hope only to have the rug ripped from under them once again. If he knew for sure that the rebranding was happening, it's likely he would've brushed off the question when asked.

Instead, his direct response of "nothing has been confirmed" seems to suggest that the saga between MLS and Minnesota is far from over. Stay tuned...