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How one Atlanta United scarf has angered Orlando City supporters

Oh, boy. Here we go. It was only a matter of time before Atlanta United found itself a natural rivalry. Many have always assumed it would be Orlando City SC just because of location. But now, we may have actual cause and origins for such a rivalry even if it is such a small event.

Atlanta United's front office staff visited Sporting Kansas City this weekend on a diplomatic visit to see how the club operates and to take in a match and so on. They've done it plenty of times in Seattle, New York, etc.

A seemingly innocuous visit as turned into a talking point among Orlando City fans because of an incident at the wall of scarves at SKC's stadium. As a ceremonious gesture, the Atlanta Untied brass brought along a scarf to put on SKC's wall, as you do. Except now a few observant Orlando fans are now furious over where the club put the scarf:

In what was likely just a weird coincidence, Darren Eales and Ann Rodriguez slipped that beautiful Atlanta United scarf right over top of that hideous Iron Lion Firm (an Orlando City supporters group) scarf, completely hiding it from view. That did no go over well with the Iron Lion Firm.

Atlanta and Orlando was bound to be a logical rivalry. This minor incident will only help that cause. Did the Atlanta United brass mean to hide the Iron Firm's scarf? Probably not. But that won't stop their fans from overreacting and taking it personal.

And so it begins. This is going to be fun...