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Talking With Tambakis: A chat with with Atlanta United's first signing

Charleston Battery

The Charleston Battery came away with a 2-1 victory Saturday, in their friendly match-up with, 2015 NCAA finalists, Clemson University. Goalkeeper Alex Tambakis had a strong showing In the preseason tune-up, going a full 90 in his debut start for the Battery. After the match Dirty South Soccer caught up with Atlanta United's first signing for a brief chat.

DSS: A lot of fans both In Atlanta and here in Charleston, don't know a whole lot about you and they're curious to hear more. So just to start off, tell us a little about yourself, and your background playing soccer.

AT: I'm from Athens, Greece. I was born there. My Mother is an American so I'm half Greek half American. All my life I've been playing in Greece. I started when I was 6 years old, in the Academy in Greece and then I went to Panathinaikos, which is a very big club in Greece. I stayed there until now.

DSS: Tell us a little more about coming up as a keeper in the youth system in Greece, and later with Panathinaikos. What was that experience like for you? How did it help you grow as a player?

AT: It was amazing, It's probably the best academy in Greece. They work very well with players of young ages. I'm very happy that I was part of it.

DSS: Being a duel citizen, did you spend much time in the U.S growing up?

AT: Actually I was a baby when I came here so I don't really remember much, maybe I came 1 or 2 times.

DSS: Why did you choose to make the move to the States and MLS?

AT: I know that now here in the States soccer is going to be big, so we're going to see many big international players. It's a great opportunity for me also, I like it very much and I'm happy to be here. I can't wait to get started.

DSS: So now you're the first ever signing for Atlanta United, how does it feel? Being a part of history like that.

AT: It's amazing I can't even describe it with words. I'm very happy as I said before. I just can't wait to get started in Atlanta and be good for the team.

DSS: When you signed with Atlanta did you know you would be heading to Charleston on loan?

AT: Not right away, but yeah a couple days later I found out I was going to come here.

DSS: How have you liked your time with the Battery so far?

AT: It's very nice. Everything is well organized, the people are all very nice to me here, we have a good team, and I'm very happy to be here.

DSS: Have you had a chance to get out and see the city yet?

AT: Not yet, but for sure I will.

DSS: What part of your game, your skill set as a keeper, do you feel you need to develop most before you make the jump up to MLS?

AT: Well I guess I really just need to develop everything, every single day. I mean we're never perfect so I just need to work very hard every single day, every time we train, every game, just to become better.