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UPDATED Atlanta Youth Soccer Report

What's going down in Georgia?

Georgia United

The Georgia United Development Academy teams had a big weekend against the Carolina Rapids, winning all three matches and shutting out their opponents. Led by Jackson Conway's hat trick, the U-14s took home a 6-0 victory. Brian Alcantar, George Campbell, and William Reilly also scored in the rout. The U-16s won their match, 5-0. Cheik Fofana contributed a brace, and Luke Biasi, Trevor Byrne, and Jack Fitton contributed solo efforts. The U-18s completed the sweep with a 4-0 win over the Rapids behind goals from Juan Torres, Quran Thomas, Junior Pineda, and Cal Jennings.

All three teams travel up to North Carolina next weekend to take on Charlotte Soccer Academy on Saturday at the OrthoCarolina Sportsplex.

ODP Nationals

The Georgia 2000 team finished in fourth place at the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Championships last weekend at the Reach 11 Sports Complex in Phoenix, Arizona. They lost their semifinal match to California South, 1-0. Georgia fell behind in the sixth minute and were unable to tie the game. They dropped the consolation match, 5-1, to Virginia. James Brighton (Hilton Head/Storm Soccer Academy) scored Georgia's lone goal in the 37th minute.

Concorde Fire Challenge Cup

Concorde Fire hosted the 26th edition of the Challenge Cup in Atlanta featuring almost 450 teams from around the country. Flight champions are listed below:

U-8 Champions: Concorde Fire Central Black 4-3 Concorde Fire North Black; U-8 Premier: Concorde Fire Central White 7-2 Concorde Fire North White

U-9 Champions: Concorde Fire North Black 8-4 Lanier Soccer Association Navy; U-9 Premier: Carolina Elite Soccer Academy Black 7-2 AFC Lightning Gold; U-9 Gold: Gol Soccer Academy AC Milan 7-1 Triumph Gold; U-9 Silver: United Futbol Academy Gold 2-1 Concorde Fire South; U-9 Black: United Futbol Academy Norcross Red 8-1 United Futbol Academy Norcross Gold; U-9 Bronze: Concorde Fire Central Silver III 4-0 Triumph White

U-10 8v8 Champions: Concorde Fire North Black 1-0 Carolina Elite Soccer Academy Black; U-10 8v8 Premier: Concorde Fire Central White 1-0 North Atlanta Soccer Association Manchester City; U-10 8v8 Gold: Athens United Gold 7-1 Concorde Central White III

U-10 6v6 Champions: Lanier Soccer Association Gold 5-3 Carolina Elite Soccer Academy Red; U-10 6v6 Premier: Thunder Soccer Club 2-1 Concorde Fire South Black; U-10 6v6 Gold: Southern Soccer Academy Chelsea Samba Blue 1-0 Dacula Soccer Club Juventus; U-10 6v6 Silver: Alliance SC Red 2-1 Carolina Elite Soccer Academy White I; U-10 6v6 Black: United Futbol Academy Norcross Eagles Red 5-2 Carolina Elite Soccer Academy White II; U-10 6v6 Bronze: Carolina Elite Soccer Academy White III 1-0 AFC Lightning Yellow

U-11 Champions: SSA Chelsea Predator Blue 2-0 Lanier Soccer Association Sharks; U-11 Premier: North Atlanta Soccer Association United 2-1 Thunder Soccer Club Elite; U-11 Gold: Carolina Elite Soccer Academy Black II 4-2 Rockdale Youth Soccer Association Revolution Blue; U-11 Silver: United Futbol Academy Norcross Red 5-2 SSA Chelsea Mundial Blue; U-11 Black: Concorde Fire North Red 3-1 Carolina Elite Soccer Academy Red II; U-11 Bronze: North Atlanta Soccer Association Sounders 3-0 SSA Chelsea Mundial Black; U-11 White: Chiefs FC White 8-2 SSA Chelsea Copa Black

U-12 11v11 Champions: Concorde Fire Central Elite 4-0 United Soccer Academy Mt. Pleasant 22 Premier; U-12 11v11 Premier: AFC Lightning Gold 4-0 Atlanta Fire Elite; U-12 11v11 Gold: Georgia Storm SA Gold 2-1 Dacula Soccer Club Revolution Premier

U-12 8v8 Champions: Murfreesboro SC Strikers Premier 3-1 Concorde Fire North Black; U-12 8v8 Premier: Concorde Fire North White 2-1 AFC Lightning; U-12 8v8 Gold: Chiefs FC White 3-2 UFA Norcross Eagles Red; U-12 8v8 Silver: North Atlanta Soccer Association White 4-3 Atlanta Fire Silver

U-13 Champions: Concorde Fire North Elite 1-0 Lanier Soccer Association Gold; U-13 Premier: AFC Lightning 2-1 Concorde Fire South Black; U-13 Gold: United Soccer Academy Mt. Pleasant 21 Challenge 1-0 Southern Alliance Futbol Elite; U-13 Silver: Atlanta Fire Gold 2-1 SSA Chelsea Premier; U-13 Black: Dacula Soccer Club Revolution White 1-0 Concorde Fire Central Red; U-13 Bronze: Alpharetta Ambush 2-1 Concorde Fire Central Silver

U-14 Champions: Charlotte Soccer Academy Predator 2-1 United Soccer Academy Mount Pleasant 20 Premier; U-14 Premier: Alianza Elite 1-0 Concorde Fire North Black; U-14 Gold: WCWAA Black 2-1 Roswell Santos Blue; U-14 Silver: AFC Lightning Premier 2-1 Georgia Rush Elite; U-14 Black: North Atlanta Soccer Association Royal 4-3 North Atlanta Soccer Association Select; U-14 Bronze: Georgia Storm Gold 3-0 All-In Futbol Club

MAYS Icebreaker

Metro Atlanta YMCA hosted their annual spring Icebreaker tournament at Hubert Park, Tramore Park, Mudcreek, Custer Park, and the East Cobb YMCA. The tournament was open to travel and rec teams. Flight champions are listed below:

U-8 Black: Inter Atlanta FC Blue 3-2 Georgia Knights Black

U-9 Black: Copa FC Gold 4-2 Capital City Streaks Blue

U-10 Blue: Metro Atlanta YMCA Blue 4-3 Georgia Storm Gold; U-10 Black: Copa FC Real Madrid 3-0 Metro Atlanta YMCA Buckhead Blue

U-11 Black: Liberty Soccer Club 4-1 Metro Atlanta YMCA Buckhead White; U-11 Blue: Metro Atlanta YMCA Forsyth Blue 2-1 Capital City Streaks

U-12 Blue: YMCA Rome Arsenal White 5-1 Cartersville Clash Liverpool

U-13 Black: United Futbol Academy - Norcross Eagles 2-0 Metro Atlanta YMCA Buckhead Blue; U-13 Blue: Cherokee Impact Gold 5-0 Metro Atlanta YMCA Forsyth Blue

U-14 Blue: Cartersville Clash United 2-1 Blue Springs Liberty Storm

Bryson Park Spring Challenge

Bryson Park Soccer Club hosted their annual spring challenge at the Bryson Park Complex in Lilburn. Flight champions are listed below:

U-9: Oconee FC Red 6-3 Athens United Gold

U-10: Bryson Park Premier 10-2 Oconee FC Red

U-11: Bryson Park United 7-2 Oconee FC Red

U-12: Georgia Storm Elite Clasico 4-1 Oconee FC Red

U-14: Bryson Park Elite 4-1 Bryson Park Orozco

Farm Rich Seaside Shootout

Golden Isles Soccer Association hosted their annual Shootout in Brunswick and Jekyll Island. Flight champions are listed below:

U-9 Gold: JFC Elite; U-9 Silver: JFC Premier 2-1 FESA Premier South

U-10: GISA United 4-3 JFC Premier

U-11 Gold: Augusta Arsenal Blue 2-0 Savannah United Premier; U-11 Bronze: Effingham United 3-1 Florida Blast

U-12 Gold: GISA United Elite 4-2 CCSA Rangers; U-12 Silver: PVSA 2-0 FESA

U-13: GISA United 2-1 FESA

U-14: CCSA Rangers 1-0 GISA United