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Charleston Battery vs. FC Cincinnati, USL Season Opener: WATCH LIVE, lineups, match thread

Come watch the Battery's season opener and talk about it with us.

Dan Conover

Atlanta United's USL affiliate, the Charleston Battery, kick of their 2016 campaign at home tonight against FC Cincinnati. So far AUFC only have one permanent player on-loan with Charleston, their first every signing Alex Tambakis. That doesn't mean that some of the players you see playing for the Battery couldn't be seen in our MLS side next season.

There's always a chance that Carlos Bocanegra and the rest of the AUFC scouting department could see someone they like on the Battery's roster this season and put a discovery claim on three players. The rule is described like this in the official rulebook:

In addition to Homegrown Players and College Protected Players - clubs may have priority for up to three players from their USL affiliate. In order to retain priority on any additional USL affiliate players, such players must be added to an MLS club's Discovery List.

So, for the most diehard supporters, it's worth watching as many Charleston Battery matches a possible this season to see if any players stick out and if Atlanta United could use them next season. It's always nice to know players before they become a part of the team in 2017.

Tonight's Charleston Battery Lineup:

Kickoff Time: 7:30 p.m. ET