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Mercedes-Benz Stadium released a new video. Don't watch if you're scared of heights!

I have even more respect for the construction workers assigned to putting the roof of The Benz together.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
If heights make you a bit squeamish, don't watch the video below.

We were all a bit peeved when we found out The Benz would be delayed three months, specifically because of the retractable roof. While I still don't like the delay, at least I have a full grasp as to why it's important to take your time. Lifting 40 million pounds of steel 200 feet in the air is no small feat.

In the video, you get a glimpse of the crew talking about safety during the process of moving the steel. At different points you see workers moving freely along the steel frames being lifted while attached to safety lines, hammering massive bolts that will ultimately become the roof of the stadium.

The video shows one of more than 100 truss installations needed for the fixed portion of the roof. All of this being done 200 feet in the air with the biggest America-made crane crawler.

To the whole construction crew, this Buds for you! (Beer and Thumbs Up emoji)