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Atlanta watched the USA vs Guatemala World Cup Qualifier

What does it mean?

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

We keep seeing signs that Atlanta is a soccer market.

First, Doug Roberson reported phenomenal sales numbers for an upcoming Mexico friendly at the Georgia Dome.

Now, Steve Goff of The Washington Post is reporting that quite a few Atlanta people watched the recent United States men's national team World Cup qualifier against Guatemala.

Not bad, not bad. This could be a great sign of things to come for Atlanta United.

What does this mean? Like I said with the Mexico ticket sales, it either means something or nothing. Again, I'll apologize for being vague. The soccer fans are in the market. Will they become Atlanta United fans in the future?  Hopefully, and it's up to the talented, capable people behind the scenes to turn these soccer fans into black and gold supporters.

And here are the highlights from "The Day Jurgen's Job Was Saved":

Did you watch the match versus Guatemala? Will USMNT and Mexico fandom translate into attendance for Atlanta United? Let us know in the comment section.