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USWNT's Morgan Brian and Georgia Soccer Team Up Through "Let Them Play!" Initiative

Morgan Brian is giving youth soccer players a chance to earn once-in-a-lifetime experiences with the Golden Ball winner!

Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Soccer surprised the Atlanta soccer community Friday after announcing US Women’s National Team star, Morgan Brian, is coming to Atlanta on April 24 and giving young soccer players a chance to meet her.

The one-day event is part of Georgia Soccer’s "Let Them Play!" initiative, which asks youth soccer players to raise money on behalf of the program in order to partake in once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as: playing soccer with Brian, a special advice session with the Golden Ball winner and a VIP dinner with the World Cup champion.

"I did one event with them a couple months ago and I really liked it. It was for a great cause and I think for me, I was just trying to go back to Atlanta and give back to Georgia Soccer as well," Brian told reporters in Nashville a day before the USWNT’s match against France in the SheBelieves Cup.

"I think Georgia Soccer and just growing up playing there in club, it’s given so much to me so it’s important for me to be able to go back there and give back to the community and young girls too so they can, one day, maybe be here," Brian added.

The event takes place Sunday, April 24 at One Touch Soccer in Smyrna, Ga. at 5 p.m. Everyone who registers and raises at least $300 will get a chance to play soccer with Brian in addition to qualifying for other experiences at different fundraising goals.

"Georgia Soccer is incredibly excited to do an event like this with Morgan Brian. These young players can look at Morgan, an incredibly young talent from their home state who is competing at the highest level of women's soccer, and gain insight and perspective on soccer as a whole," Georgia Soccer said to DSS.

"Accessibility to a player of Morgan's caliber creates excitement about playing soccer and acts as a catalyst to these youth player's own goals and aspirations," Georgia Soccer added.

Samantha Poklemba, mother of the young player leading the fundraising efforts according to Georgia Soccer, told DSS having a chance to meet a world champion brings the USWNT to a whole different level for her daughter, Bethany.

"She is not just excited to possibly meet Morgan, but to raise money for families with less access to soccer," she added.

Georgia Soccer’s "Let Them Play!" initiative provides opportunities to play soccer for those who cannot afford it. They support free programs for children from low-income communities by building mini pitches in refugee resettlement areas, making free programs available and by buying goals and jerseys for teams that cannot afford them.

Check out Georgia Soccer's website for all relevant details on fundraising and other Georgia Soccer programs and initiatives.