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United-Gate: More evidence of Minnesota's rebranding emerges

Minnesota appears to be dropping United and this is the best clue we've seen so far

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Last month it was reported that Minnesota United would likely be joining MLS and be forced to change their name from United to something else because three Uniteds are just too much to comprehend. Some blame Arthur Blank because Sports Illustrated threw in an off-hand remark about the Atlanta United owner being able to throw his weight around with the league office.

Today we have seen yet another piece of evidence emerge that the Minnesota MLS franchise is about to undergo a major rebrand. Empire of Soccer spotted this USPTO trademark filing from MLS. They have trademarked "MNFC" and "Minnesota FC" just a day after the original report dropped.

This is damning evidence that the rebrand is indeed happening and that there will only be two Uniteds in MLS for the foreseeable future.

As Atlanta United fans, we have to brace ourselves for more ridicule and backlash over United-gate. Yes, the whole situation is unfair and unjust, but this is the business you have deal with in single-entity. Minnesota had all of the rights they wanted in a "free market" in NASL but chose to come to MLS anyways. They knew what they were getting into just like every franchise does. This is MLS' business and they will run it how they see fit.