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A revolutionary trade idea for Atlanta United, Minnesota, and MLS


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There's a lot of displeasure circulating around MLS right now. Minnesota is mad at MLS and Atlanta. Everyone is mad at New York City FC for not playing one of their best young players. What if there was a way to make everyone happy? Well Dirty South Soccer is here to play hypothetical General Manager to please everyone.

Minnesota fans are furious that they have to change their "Minnesota United" name. MLS has deemed three Uniteds to be too much for one league. Meanwhile, Kwadwo Poku was a breakout player for NYCFC last season, but is stuck sitting on the bench behing older and less talented players.

We propose this revolutionary 3-team trade to ease everyone's pain and make the MLS world a better place:

New York City FC gets: 2 international player slots

Atlanta United gets: Kwadwo Poku

Minnesota gets: "United"

Let's face it. Most Atlanta United supporters have accepted our name, but none of us are attached to it. Let Minnesota have it back and pick something else. All that you'd need to change is the name in the crest. That's it.

NYCFC love their international players. Let Minnesota and Atlanta each give them one of their future international player slots and they'll be happy to use them on washed up European players to muddy the waters of their roster even more.

Now, the most important part. Poku returns home to Atlanta where he will become the focal point of Atlanta (insert new nickname here)'s inaugural roster. A talented young player to insert into your midfield.

Please Mr. Garber, listen to us, we are experts. Make this deal happen and everyone will be better off for it. You messed up by taking Minnesota's name from them. This is your chance to atone for your mistake and make everything right.