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Eales: Atlanta United's first 'big signing' could come in the summer

Speaking at a business breakfast, the club president shed some light on possible player acquisitions

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Atlanta United have made one official signing so far in their history. Goalkeeper Alex Tambakis was signed from Panathinaikos as the club's first ever player back in January. Since then the club have some bought some sort of stock in former Atlanta Silverback Junior Burgos, but it's unclear what the exact ownership situation is.

Speaking at the Cobb Chamber of Commerce's First Monday Breakfast at the Cobb Galleria on Monday morning, Atlanta United president Darren Eales hinted that the club's first "big signing" could be coming as soon as this summer.

"We basically bring our squad together in January 2017," he said. "Now we might sign some players in the summer because we could loan them out to another team, so that might be where you see, sort of, the first big signings."

-Darren Eales; Source: Marietta Daily Journal

If you're a consistent Dirty South Soccer reader and you follow our Gold Rush series, you'll know that the possibilities for Atlanta United signings are seemingly endless. Once the current European season ends in May it will be a transfer bonanza as it always is. It appears as if Atlanta United will be eager participants this summer just waiting on the right player to come along.

Once the club finds a player they are fond of they can sign him no problem as long as the player is willing to spend a half season on loan in Mexico, Australia, or some other place like that. It wouldn't make much sense for a "big signing" to play in Charleston and take time away from the young players trying to make a name for themselves. Other accommodations will need to be made if the situation arises.