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Minnesota United's reddit page trolls Atlanta United on April Fool's Day

Well played, guys.

Oh man. It's April Fool's Day, which means jokes and pranks and fun! It's all in good nature, right? RIGHT? Eh...

Minnesota United's official reddit page had a little fun with the whole 'United-gate' fiasco on this lovely day of jokes. They redesigned their whole site to make it look like Atlanta United's reddit page. That's right. They care so much about Atlanta United as a team that they changed their hole page to rip off Atlanta United. This is pretty awesome:

For reference, this is an exact replica of what Atlanta United's reddit page looks like:

Bravo, guys. This is a pretty good April Fool's joke and a shot at Atlanta United all in one. Most of us AUFC supporters will admit that the whole 'United-gate' thing is wrong and did Minnesota supporters dirty. I think we can let them have this one. Great joke.

We can only hope this much creativity is put into the two side's tifos when they meet in 2017 and beyond.

H/T to @dunord