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Friday Free Kick: Soccer is boring


Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

"Soccer is boring." -- It's not just a sentence, it's a way of life.

Okay, so you may have guessed by now, seeing as this is a soccer blog, that this popular sentence is purely in jest. I try to make it a habit of tweeting out some variation of that slogan any time something amazing happens in the world of soccer. I'm a sarcastic idiot and that's why Twitter is awesome because I put something like that into the universe and anyone who follows me knows what I'm saying.

This all stems from years of soccer being the ugly duckling of the American sports world. "They just run around. Nothing ever happens." -- That's a popular line that detractors of soccer like to use. I've been a hardcore soccer fan for about 15 years now and the number of times I've had to argue with someone about how entertaining soccer is cannot be overstated.

The world's most popular game is slowly but surely taking hold in the USA. Sportscenter anchors still have those cocky smirks on their face when they're forced to talk about the sport, but the average fan is beginning to come around. I've seen some of the most rabid soccer haters grow to love the sport over the last several years.

In reality, every sport played on television today has boring moments and they also have moments that make leave you astonished to varying degrees. The most dedicated soccer fan can be left with a bad taste in their mouth from watching a poor match but this can be said for every sport.

To inherently hate soccer because you don't understand it or are afraid to give it a chance is very small-minded. I'll admit that it takes a certain type of person to fall in love with soccer. If you have a short attention span and can't live without commercial breaks and timeouts then maybe it's just not for you. But if you want a sport that is consistent with its television timeslots (2 hours unless a knockout match) and 45 minutes of nonstop sporting goodness without interruption, then why wouldn't you want to give it a chance? Every match you watch isn't going to be the pinnacle of greatness but trust me, the longer you watch the more amazing things you're bound to see.

The next time you see me or anyone else tweet out "Soccer is boring" just know that it's making fun of all the idiots out there afraid to acknowledge how amazing our stupid little sport is.