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Atlanta United unveil new details for Marietta-based training facility

Last year Atlanta United revealed some amazing plans on what they hoped their DeKalb County training facility would look like. They were complete with fancy renderings and detailed outlines of fields and buildings. Fast forward to Monday and they're back at it again except this time with a one-hundred percent completed deal for a training facility in Marietta.

Atlanta United unveiled its plans for a $60 Million 'world-class' training facility that will house the team's entire Youth Academy, First-Team, and act as the team headquarters. While ground has already been broken, the project is not expected to be completed until April of 2017. Once finished, the plan calls for a 30,000 square foot headquarter building and six fields.

"We are committed to building the best club in MLS, and that begins with creating a training environment that cultivates a winning attitude," said Atlanta United owner Arthur Blank. "This facility will not only enable our players to develop at the highest level, it will provide an unparalleled, up-close experience for our fans and allow our club to make a significant impact in the community."

The idea of housing the youth teams with first-team is to foster an environment of cohesiveness and advancement. The younger players will see what their future holds and give them and incentive to reach it.

"Youth development will play a critical role in the overall success of our club," said Atlanta United president Darren Eales. "We put a lot of thought into the design of the training ground to ensure that it provided our first team with a top-flight training environment, as well as an open, collaborative and aspirational atmosphere for our young academy players."

Of the six fields on the premises, three will be artificial turf like Mercedes-Benz Stadium will have and three will boast natural grass where the first-team will train. One particular field, known as the "Show Field" will feature exact dimensions and characteristics of Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Each locker room in the facility will be interconnected starting from the lowest age group working its way up to the first-team's. The front of the main building will be made of glass so the training fields will be visible from the main entrance. The facility will also feature a gym, a tactics room, and a physical therapy room.