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NEW ATLANTA UNITED HATS ALERT!!! Oh there is other merch too

New hat. New mini ball. New drumsticks for your drum set.

Mitchell and Ness have released yet another Atlanta United lid and this one is a beauty. It's not a fitted hat so please hold your snarky comments, but it still looks great. It could possibly be inspired by past Atlanta Braves hats.

It's simple but stunning. The hat features a traditional Atlanta United logo with a red bill, different from the previous hats we've seen debuted. It also includes what I can only assume will be the Atlanta United MLS logo that will appear on the AUFC kits in 2017.

Another item appearing is the new Atlanta United Mini ball!

It's a strange-looking little ball, but one that features the Atlanta United logo. So, of course, we all must buy it right now!

For all you drummers out there looking to represent Atlanta United in your musical endeavors, AUFC now has drum sticks for your drum set!

To be honest, the item seems rather random until you realize there will be drums within the Atlanta United supporter's section. Makes perfect sense now right?

Lastly, we have another hat that we haven't mentioned yet.

The all-black hat has "United" inscribed in a semi-cursive writing. It also includes the traditional Atlanta United logo on the side where he Adidas logo is traditionally seen. This hat, like the former, is also not fitted.

Lesson to be learned from this post: Prepare to be poor once 2017 rolls around and more merchandise is released. I will be making tough life choices like paying my cell phone bill or buying the first Atlanta United kit. Tough choices lie ahead.