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These are the best Atlanta United concept kit designs we've seen so far


We've seen some amazing Atlanta United kit design concepts so far. Eventually, the club will finally release their first ever kits and we'll either love or hate them. One thing we've learned about all the designs we've seen is that the team has no excuse for producing a bad kit. They've been giving plenty of fantastic ideas and it should be pretty easy to please a fan base who is hungry to shell out hundreds of bucks for their kits.

Irontooth Design (@irontoothdesign) has designed four beautiful kits for our viewing pleasure. Follow Irontooth Design on Instagram.

Here they are:

Home Kit

It should come as no surprise to see this type of design for the home shirt. It's pretty much what everyone expects it to be. This take on it is very clean and sleek. What's unique about it is the lack of white used. He sticks to the club's three primary colors and it turned out brilliantly.

Away Kit

This is by far the nicest white away kit concept we've seen so far. Everything from the vague hoops to the black sleeves make it look simply awesome. I can't imagine anyone would argue if this came to fruition.

Goalkeeper Kit

Goalkeeper kits are supposed to be unique so they stand out from the team's kit. I'd say they accomplished that with this blue attempt. It's very cool. And blue.

Third Kit

There's a good chance we won't even see a third kit for the first few seasons if at all, but if we do, it's customary for them to be brash and bold. Most third kits fly outside the normal color scheme of the team and this green beast does just that. Maybe the color isn't to your liking, but the design itself with the lines across the chest looks fantastic. Just spitballing here, but how dope would this look as a pink kit instead of green? Hmm...


No disrespect to anyone out there who has designed kits in the past. We've seen a lot of great ones. These right here are the pick of the lot so far. The bar has been set. Let's see who can push it up even higher. We look forward to seeing more and sharing them with you.

HT to Footie Mob