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Marietta Complex Being Built Near Atlanta United Training Facility Will Have Higher Price Tag

Building a new soccer complex near Atlanta United training facility was part of the deal in bringing AUFC to Marietta

Mike Powell/Getty Images

One thing everyone should've learned by now regarding multi-million dollar sports facilities is that delays and extra cost usually become a thing a few months after the announcement honeymoon wears off.

The Marietta Daily Journal is reporting that the new soccer complex associated with the Atlanta United headquarters and training ground could end up costing $7.78 million, which is a much higher cost than the original $3.5 million and $5 million estimates. Part of the deal with Atlanta United called for Marietta to build a public sports complex nearby with lighted multipurpose soccer fields.

To be clear, this is not adding additional costs to the actual Atlanta United training facility or headquarters. This is a separate complex that Marietta will control, but would be utilized by Atlanta United.

According to the MJD, the committee was presented with a $6.76 million budget on Wednesday that included alternate items that brought the cost for the complex up to $7.7 million.

"We've got the money. That's the good news. It's just which buckets do we pay the money out of and how much," Committee Chairperson Michelle Cooper Kelly told the MJD.

Councilman Stuart Fleming told MJD the complex is both redevelopment and a new park. Because it touches on both areas, the council has to discuss how to use the three available funds the city and tap in to.