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WATCH: Charleston Battery player kicks advertisement boards, gets foot stuck

In last night's thrilling Charleston Battery win, something hilarious occurred in 69th minute. Battery forward Ricky Garbanzo, apparently angry at himself for not putting in a better cross, kicked the advertisement boards in frustration.

The only problem is that the boards aren't the most sound physical structure ever assembled and his foot went through it like a pencil through paper. Watch here:

Lesson number one of this hilarious incident is that you should probably assess something before you kick it in frustration. Ask yourself, "is this going to hurt my foot?" -- No. Then maybe ask, "is this going to get me on a gag reel somewhere?" -- Maybe?

If the answer to either of those questions is anything but no, you probably should just not kick something.

Or maybe this is just a great incentive to play your best and get to the best leagues in the world where they have electronic ad boards you can kick without fear of ending up on YouTube.