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Kickstarter launched for Georgia youth soccer club robbed by own employee

In late April, some sad news in the world of Georgia youth soccer was reported. Barrow County Youth Soccer Association, a non-profit organization of Georgia's youth soccer landscape was the victim of a long-term theft.

A trusted employee, who held the position of Treasurer, stole $56,000 over a long period of time from the club. The funds mostly consisted of dues that the parents of the players have to pay for their child to participate in the program. The very dark side of the 'pay to play' model playing out right here in our own backyard.

To help the organization cover upcoming expenses, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign. Their upcoming expenses include: Covering field leasing and maintenance, insurance, lighting, coaching and training fees, cost of referees, uniforms, tournaments and Georgia Soccer dues

If you're willing and able to help them out in any way you can find their official Kickstarter page below:

Barrow County Youth Soccer Association Kickstarter