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Mike Francesa has no idea how to pronounce David Villa

Oh, Mike...

We all accept that soccer isn't as popular as the other major sports in the US. But, when you're reading a radio promo to giveaway tickets for the two club's that represent the state you broadcast in, you may want to do your homework. At the very least ask the guys behind the glass off air.

Earlier today, Mike Francesa, a notable sports talk radio host in New York, tried to give away tickets to the upcoming New York City FC versus New York Red Bulls match but was unsure how to pronounce the name of the most notable player on the NYCFC roster.

My fellow Atlanta United homies, do not, I mean EVER, let our Atlanta TV and radio broadcasters get away with doing this. I, as much as anyone else, want Atlanta United to be a factor in the Atlanta sports media environment. I want sports talk radio and TV to be forced to talk about Atlanta United and MLS because the demand for the discussion and conversation is simply too much to ignore. Is this wishful thinking? Maybe.

But back to Francesa. The MLS and soccer faithful certainly let him know about his error.

This also isn't the first time Francesa has botched a soccer related topic. He was absolutely SHOCKED to learn soccer players kicked the ball with both feet in an interview during the 2014 World Cup.

You can't take Francesa too seriously though. He's known nationally as a quirky guy who makes dumb mistakes like this all the time. He is always good for a few moments like these every couple of months. Sometimes his show is so boring, he bores himself to sleep.

As our own Brendan Joseph says, "He's a bore, but he's our bore." Again, don't let Atlanta sports media be like Mike Francesa.