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MLS Salary Report reveals Atlanta United has third player under contract

The annual release of the MLS Salaries Report by the MLS Player's Union is always an eventful day. We get to learn who the highest paid players in the league are and other goodies. This year it's extra special as we learned upon its release that Atlanta United have a third player under contract.

In addition to Junior Burgos ($62.5K) and Alexander Tambakis ($63k), Atlanta United also have a player named Jeffrey Oblitey Otoo ($51.5K) under contract for 2016.

Google searches of Oblitey Otoo result in nothing at all. He's a complete mystery to everyone except Atlanta United, apparently.

The Salary Report classifies him as a midfielder. That's as much concrete information as we've been able to find. But it does, in fact, appear that there are now three players under contract for Atlanta United FC in some capacity.

EDIT: This could be a profile page for him.

UPDATE: Atlanta United declined to comment at this time