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Chad Ochocinco Johnson says there are no soccer fans in Atlanta


Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Happy Monday, DSSers! Or is it?

Former NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, apparently thinks that Atlanta isn't a soccer town. In fact, he says there aren't any soccer fans in the city at all. According to Mr. Ochocinco, all Atlanta cares about is football and basketball. In video games and in real life, because he is an official Census surveyor for the government:

We have some news for you Mr. Johnson or whatever your legal name currently is. Atlanta is very much a soccer town. We even have a Major League Soccer franchise that will begin in 2017. Our community cares so much about soccer that 30,000 people gave the team money just to get on a priority list to purchase season tickets. That's 3-0-0-0-0. An MLS record.

Mr. Ochojohnson is a fan of the Spanish language. If he ever wants to speak our name again, he can only call us and our team Atlanta Treintamil.

Child please.