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5 Reasons to be excited about Atlanta United's Summer 2016

Hey guys it is Brian. I'm a huge Atlanta United fan who believes that this summer is going to bring some big things for the team. Here are five reasons why:

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Hey guys it is Brian. I'm a huge Atlanta United fan who believes that this summer is going to bring some big things for the team. Here are five reasons why:

1. Designated Player Signing

During the European soccer offseason many stars move around through transfers or when their contracts expire. That means they are free to transfer to MLS for a fee or for free. Atlanta United has already signed three players, so it would not be outrageous to expect them to sign another, this time higher profile player. Soccer rumors link some pretty neat neat names to Atlanta such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but the team could also sign someone that hasn't been reported to come here. I am excited to see what the team's technical staff pulls out! Last year's expansion franchises singed David Villa, Frank Lampard, and Kaka months before their teams were set to begin play. I have no doubt Atlanta United may try and top that.

2. Hiring a Coach

Darren Eales hasn't been shy about his coaching search timeline. While he has always maintained flexibility, he has hinted at trying to ink his man during the summer before the team begins to play. While players are always the star, coaches drive culture. I've seen what a winning culture in places now such as Clemson and Alabama, and right here at the Ted in the 1990s. Arthur Blank is working hard to get that culture in place with the Falcons, and I just know Atlanta United will prioritize it from day one. Sign me up coach, I'm ready to play!

3. Warm weather playing soccer outside

Summer is the best living season. This is a fact. You can be outside as much as you want, and the sun stays out late so you and your buddies can take advantage of it. In preparation of Atlanta United's play, this good weather means plenty of soccer opportunities. Now, soccer can be played year round in all conditions, but there is nothing better than a crisp summer evening where it is not too hot when playing the game. Take advantage of that lovely Southern weather this summer folks.

4. International Tournaments

This one isn't really pertaining to Atlanta United as a technical staff, but its fans. There will be so much high quality international soccer this summer be it the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the 2016 European Championships in France, or the 2016 Copa America Centario right here in these glorious United States of America. Get around with your buddies, pop a cold one, and take in the clashes of these giants this summer. There are plenty of watering holes all over the city that will be showing the games. Make sure to get out to them for at least some of it and support local business. Go America, I know you guys will be doing your best to take home the Copa, and hopefully our ladies will win gold down in Brazil.

5. Smiles

Okay, I know this one isn't that much about soccer at all, or really about summer, I guess. I just notice when its warmer out people are happier and smiling around Atlanta. We should cherish that. This is a hospitable place where we should make our club feel welcome. Have some fun with your friends and make some new ones this summer. Let's practice those smiles so we're all smiling together in March 2017.

Go Atlanta United!