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Chucktown Check-In: Shawn Ferguson with heel-flick goal FTW against Hammerheads

Shawn Ferguson heel flick game was strong...

Another episode of the Chucktown Check-In in the books!

Not much really happened in this gam - OHHHH HEEL FLICK!!!!! 1-0 Battery!

Yeah, Shawn Ferguson's heel-flick game was pretty strong. Also, strange decision only bringing four defenders to Wilmington. Overall, a solid performance in which Cooper and his back line got the clean sheet!

The Charleston Battery sit in third in the Eastern Conference standings with a chance to take the top spot with a result against the top team in the east, Louisville City FC. Goal differential make scoring goals necessary for the Battery to lead the East. Either way, Charleston sits in good position considering the tumultuous start to the season.

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Check out the next episode of the Chucktown Check-In next week!


Eric Quintana (@EricQuintana47)

Beat reporter:

Seamus Grady (@SeamusGrady)