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Friday Free Kick: A radical new candidate for USMNT coach

What if the best football coaches coached our national football team?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a recent 4-0 victory over Costa Rica, United States Men's National Team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has not inspired much confidence.

After guiding the USMNT to the knockout stages of the 2014 World Cup, Klinsmann has led the team to a pitiful fourth place finish at the 2015 Gold Cup, choked away a spot at the 2017 Confederations Cup by losing in extra time to Mexico in the 2015 CONCACAF Cup, and had his hand picked assistant Andi Hertzog blow a chance at 2016 Olympic qualification with our U23 team.

Even with plenty of victories over superior countries in friendlies, Klinsmann appears to be slipping. It is unlikely that the United States will reach the semifinals of the 2016 Copa America Centenario, and if we slip up in the next two World Cup Qualification matches this September, the United States may not make it to Russia 2018.

Our national football team needs, and frankly, deserves better. It needs a football coach with a winning pedigree willing to sacrifice everything on a hyper-obsessive quest to make the United States an elite footballing nation.

The USMNT needs...

USA Today

Nick Saban.

We, as a footballing nation, really need to ask ourselves: why are our best football coaches not stepping up and coaching our NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM?

If we really want to reach the highest of highs on the international stage, we need the best both on the field and on the sidelines. Now I understand Saban may have a flaw, but here are some reasons why he is the perfect choice to coach the USMNT:

1. Hyper Obsessive Recruiting

Saban spends most of his time on the road recruiting the best footballers to Alabama to play for the Crimson Tide. What if he spent that energy recruiting dual-nationals too the USMNT. I want to praise the world Jurgen Klinsmann did in this sector, but we must acknowledge Saban would be even better. Did you know that Christiano Ronaldo had an American great-grandmother? I didn't either, but I am sure Saban has PROOF of this in some vault he keeps just in case the call ever came. With Saban freed of the scrutiny of impermissible benefits, every single footballer out there with any loose ties to the USMNT would be playing for the Stars and Stripes because the alternatives would cease to exist.

2. System Football

When he was originally hired Jurgen Klinsmann said he was going to take his time to figure out what system suits the USMNT best. Now years later fans still have no idea what that system is. If Saban were hired, the USMNT would have a system from day one, and players would be given the most detailed instructions in how to operate within it. Players may get played out of position in relation to their club teams, but Saban would spend hours upon hours drilling them into their new formation that the transition would be seamless. Saban would finally bring this team an identity, and demand perfection in execution, something this team sorely lacks.

3. Pragmatism

The United States may not have the talent to win every game 5-0. That is okay. Saban would find ways to achieve victory no matter what through a pragmatic fashion. We would beat the minnows by large scores, and would not be afraid to park the bus going up 1-0 against Germany if it mean holding on to win. Saban would also use Sunil Gulati's position on the FIFA Executive Council to ensure that no lobbies to change the rules of Football would happen to disrupt this ruthless pragmatic spirit. The USMNT may not be pretty, and may actively work to smother all other country's creativity, but ruthless efficiency wins matches when executed to perfection. There will be no soloists, just a team of perfectly recruited players aimed at one goal: winning the FIFA World Cup every four years so no one else gets to hoist that trophy.

4. Elimination of Satellite Tournaments

This one is key. If Saban were in charge he'd work his magic to ensure the competitive balance of the USMNT is preserved. There would be no frivolous satellite tournaments worldwide that benefit other national teams at the expense of developing the USMNT into a World Cup power. AFC Challenge Cup? Gone. Just another way for smaller Asian footballing nations to get an edge over the rest of the world. Confederations Cup? Doneso. Why should Confederation Champions from OFC in an off year get a chance to compete when a one loss team from UEFA or CONCACAF may have been a better choice for the tournament? Satellite tournaments threaten the integrity of the FIFA World Cup, and they must be eliminated.

There you have it folks, the best, and only logical choice for the USMNT. Klinsmann should be fired at the end of the Copa America Centenario so that Saban has a chance to implement his system, recruit his players, and get everything set up in time for Russia 2018. That is the only chance of the USMNT winning a World Cup as soon as possible, and establishing this footballing nation and the dynasty it should become.

Roll Tide.