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Darren Eales reveals impressive season ticket conversion rate

With still so much for Atlanta United to do, this is big.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Atlanta United president, Darren Eales, made quite a revelation in his exclusive chat with the Mouths of the South Podcast on Friday. While some Founders' Club members are still anxiously awaiting their phone call to convert their season ticket deposits into actual season tickets, just about everyone already called has converted.

"We know the deposits are over 30,000. We're converting them at the moment. We're going through the list. we are about 60 percent through now. We're in single digits (percentage) in terms of people that aren't taking that up."

- Darren Eales on the Mouth of the South Podcast


This means, according to Eales, through 60 percent of the Founders' Club members Atlanta United has called, less than 10 percent have declined to convert their season ticket deposits. And this is all before the club has even made big-time front office and coaching hires.

"We've still got eight months before we start playing. We haven't had announcement of key player in terms of the head coach, in terms of the kit...even the schedule launch."

- Darren Eales

The full interview will be released in its entirety Monday, June 13. Eric Quintana and Sam Franco talk to the Atlanta United president about kits, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the Homegrown Player signing of Andrew Carleton and TV broadcast deals. Subscribe to the Mouths of the South Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher to stay up-to-date on the SB Nation podcast for Atlanta United.