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Darren Eales hopes Atlanta United kits will be ready by Christmas

For all those wondering when the kits may be available for purchase, we now have know how long the wait will be.

For many of us, we are anxiously awaiting any news on what the kits may look like, or when they may be available to the public for purchase. Atlanta United president, Darren Eales, spoke about the kit timeline and where the club is in the process with Adidas in an interview with the Mouths of the South Podcast.

"We're looking at Q4 for a launch of the home kit. That would be the plan," Eales told the MOTS Podcast.

"We're in a bit of a chat about supply lines and when we can get that date, but we're looking at Q4 of this year. We're pretty excited. We want to get it out before Christmas."

Eales also mentioned that the team has already seen some of the concept designs presented by Adidas that Atlanta United may choose from.

The club president's full interview with the MOTS Podcast can be found in its entirety below.