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Atlanta Youth Soccer Report

What's going on?

Region III Presidents Cup

The Region III Presidents Cup is being held from June 14th through the 19th in College Station, Texas. Five Georgia teams are competing for a spot in the National Presidents Cup, which is July 14th through the 17th at the Mohawk Soccer Complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

U-13: NASA Classic Premier

U-14: Smyrna Soccer Club White

U-15: GSA Chilpo FC

U-16: KSA Light

U-17: AFC Lightning Elite

Dunwoody and youth soccer

Dyana Bagby reports that there's some discussion going on with the Dunwoody City Council and the Chiefs Futbol Club:

Plans for a Dunwoody’s first youth soccer program to take place at the field at the new Park at Pernoshal Court were passed off by the City Council to a future date so league officials can come back with specific times the park would be in use by the program.

At the June 13 Dunwoody City Council meeting, members questioned the agreement between the city and the Chiefs Futbol Club because the league wanted exclusive use of the park from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the week and weekends during league play.

“This seems excessive … and unreasonable,” Councilmember John Heneghan told Brent Walker, manager of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.