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How Lenox Mall ruined Atlanta United supporters' dreams

They have committed the most heinous of crimes against our beloved, Atlanta United FC.

It's a travesty! An absolute disgrace! An act worthy of cruel and unusual punishment!

In an attempt to pull off a great marketing idea, Atlanta United announced yesterday that on Friday the club would be hanging flags all around the metro Atlanta area. One of those flags would have two tickets to the USA's Copa America semifinals match next Tuesday.

One of the places Atlanta United thought would be a perfect place to hang some of these flags was at Lenox Mall in Buckhead. The security team at Lenox thought otherwise.

The Atlanta United front office, in their infinite wisdom and generosity, realized the error of the Lenox Mall ways and has been speaking with those who went to Lenox specifically to search for flags. They have asked many of the people who reached out to AUFC on Twitter to direct message them.

I'm calling on everyone to boycott Lenox Mall until an official apology is made and Atlanta United is in some way compensated for the number of flags they have lost! Here are some ideas:

1. Host a specific soccer-themed event in he parking lots of Lenox (SoccerCon2016).
2. Host USMNT viewing party at Lenox Mall.
3. Give a soccer retail store one of the empty lots within Lenox Mall rent free for six months.

Just a few ideas. But these would certainly go a long way to erasing the soccer hate in your hearts, Lenox Mall security team.