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WATCH: 6-minute scouting tape of Atlanta United's newest signing

Highlights of 18-year-old Jeffrey Otoo

Atlanta United officially announced the signing of their third player, Jeffrey Otoo, on Wednesday. Immediately after a club announces a new player that is not recognizable by name, the first reaction is to head to Google to find more info on them. Searches of Otoo's name yielded surprisingly scarce results.

What we did come across was a profile page of the 18-year-old from his previous club Charity Stars FC.

This page tells us that he prefers using his left foot and that he's a striker by trade. There's also a link to this video highlight reel:

Outside of a very short gif that the club's official Twitter account posted of Otoo scoring a goal, this seems to be the only highlight reel of his in existence.

It's probably generous to call this a 'highlight reel' as it's more of a scouting video with many mundane and routine plays. We've sorted through the whole 6-minute video and picked out some of the most promising moments to focus on.

Brief Wannabe Amateur Video Scouting Analysis

2:18 - After receiving a pass, he does very well to hold up the ball and shield it from a defender. He then delivers a perfect ball into the box for an attacker. Later he follows up and plays in another smart and dangerous cutback pass that should've resulted in more.

2:45 - The ball finds its way to him on the right edge of the box, Otoo flicks it over one defender and smashes a shot on goal that is saved well. Almost a spectacular goal.

4:03 - As a hard pass comes his way, he holds off a defender and lays off a perfect one-touch pass into the path of a teammate on the right wing. Very good hold up play and technique to get the ball right.

4:44 - It's tough to see because of the way the video is shot, but he has a flying volley attempt saved.

6:00 - Receives a ball on the right wing, cuts inside and plays a fine ball to an attacking teammate on the edge of the box in a good position.


Unfortunately, this video probably isn't a great representation of his skills, but only a small taste. You can be certain that Atlanta United have seen much more of him that what is available to us on the internet. We can only wait until he suits up for the Charleston Battery and get a look at him for ourselves.