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MOBA Momento: Late Drama in Peachtree City

Apparently scoring woes don't count after the 85th minute?

This season has seen the metro area of Atlanta and even the state of Georgia (here’s looking at you Tormenta FC) explode with teams in both the PDL and NPSL.  Thus soccer lovers have the chances to see live soccer almost anywhere they live this year with all of its drama. A classic game was played on Wednesday night at Stars Mill High School between the Peachtree City MOBA and Tri-Cities FC with both teams holding out until the last second to give the fans 3 goals between them.

The game started with MOBA having a amazing chance when Adam Sheikali sent a long pass down the right side to forward Omar Jarun who stroked it just wide of the right post. The remainder of the first half stayed mostly the same with MOBA going forward and pressing once they lost the ball to be able to regain and turn it into another chance. While the MOBA may have a case for a handball in the box in the 43rd minute, they were not able to put in any of the chances when they found the ball in the box mainly because of the defensive skill of the Otter’s Alexis Castillo.

However after 87 minutes of play, a pass from Spielman that ping-ponged among a group of Otters defenders before landing at the foot of Jarun who, by no exaggeration, smashed the ball into the back of the net. With MOBA leading 1-0 with only a few minutes left, it seemed like they were about to earn their first home win. However the ref called an extremely questionable foul at the top of MOBA’s box, and with a strike the missed the wall, Leonardo Da Silva (the Otter’s top-scorer) placed a delicate shot in the bottom right hand corner.

However, MOBA with the ball continued their game plan of pressing high and it paid off for the team and the fans as in the 93rd minute Jessey Hein was able to score the go ahead goal in the dying seconds of the game.

As MOBA goes forward the team needs to understand how talented they are. Jarun, Choi, and Sheikali are all forces on the ball in their respected area and create a spine that the team is able to move forward with. However, the whole team must learn to bury their chances. The game could have easily been 4-0 at half-time alone.  After this weeks game MOBA sits at 6th of 8th with nine points in the South Atlantic Division of the PDL, just one below interstate rival Tormenta FC.

Peachtree City MOBA will face off against Division leaders Charlotte Eagles Friday June 24th at 7:00 pm at Stars Mill High School.