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FRIDAY FREE KICK: Atlanta United needs Bambino Pons


Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

I know you're asking, who is Bambino Pons?

Here's your introduction:

Atlanta United needs a play by play announcer who can break into song when celebrating a goal. We need announcers with personality who can make the game fun. Bambino would definitely qualify.

I wish we could have heard what Skip Caray or Larry Munson would have sung after big plays.

My personal favorite:

You just know he was sitting on that one for a while. Sheer brilliance.

If we can't pry Bambino away from his native Argentina and his work with Fox Sports, we at least need him to train our announcers on how to use the karaoke machine.

Can you imagine a goal call set to "Hey Ya!"? How about "Hard to Handle" in the style of The Black Crowes? I'd lose my mind if someone did a goal call to R.E.M.'s "Stand".

I will leave you with some of Bambino's best work. We need this legend in the ATL.

He even has the moves to go along with the voice: