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Would You Rather: The Zlatan Edition

Just how willing are you to dare to Zlatan?

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Now that Manchester United have hired Jose Mourinho, it seems likely that Zlatan will be suiting up in the Theatre of Dreams next season, especially with reports saying him signing is imminent.

However, Atlanta United could sneak in with the MLS steal of the century and have the Swede on lock for next season. It could happen. But in order to do that, it will presumably take the maximum amount of cash commitment from Atlanta United's Scrooge McDuck Arthur Blank. Still, there will always be gives and takes, sacrifices and boons, pros and cons to every DP scenario.

So we thought we'd play a little 'Would You Rather' with possible scenarios just to see where our readers' hearts lie. Keep in mind I designed these scenarios to be as unpleasant as possible, like any decent practitioner of 'would you rather' is wont to do.

Choose at your own peril.

Scenario 1: Zlatan and ONLY Zlatan

So let's say that we really do pull this thing off and dare to Zlatan. That's great. But how much booty is left in the proverbial coffers afterwards? If the rumors of China's impending offer of millions of dollars a year is any indication of the bottom floor of these negotiations I doubt there will be much left at all.

Thus, the question that haunted the Mouths of the Souths when last we left them: if you can only get Zlatan and no other DP would you take it? That question is nice, but this is would you rather. So ponder this...

Scenario 2: Zlatan or Pulisic

This will test the mettle of you, USMNT fans out there. Is MLS the best thing for Pulisic's long-term development? Would you choose country over club here and hope he'd stay at Dortmund? Is he really a better get for the club than the ZLATAN? You must choose.

Scenario 3: Zlatan and Someone You Hate

Ok, so Zlatan is get-able. Not only that, Zlatan isn't our only get. You can get a second Designated Player, BUT that second DP has to be someone you hate. Someone who is going to bilk your beloved franchise out of millions of dollars just to sit in Atlanta nightclubs you can't get into, sipping on drinks you can't afford, while hanging out with people whose security detail will escort you out if you try and approach. All this while having 'injury troubles' and barely making an impact on Atlanta United's freshman campaign. Would you still do it? I've chosen two guys that seem to be cut from that clothe: John Terry and Frank Lampard. Take your pick.

Scenario 4: It is LIT

Now that you've had to make painful decisions, let's image the ultimate dream scenario. You get to sign Zlatan. And you still have enough cash leftover to sign two elite designated players. No Mourinho or Arena or Garber is coming to rain on your parade. Make Atlanta United what you've always wanted it to be. Sure, it will never happen. But we only have three players on our roster. Why not dream?

That's all I've got, but the conversation doesn't end here. Take it to the comments to propose your own "would you rather's" or to add another dream trio of signings!