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Atlanta United releases academy rosters

Some interesting names there, some interesting names missing.

George Frey/Getty Images

Last night Atlanta United hosted it's big Academy kick off party for its new players.

From what I've seen on social media, it was a pretty cool night for all involved.

Here are the first rosters for the Atlanta United Academy.

While the majority of players are from Georgia United, there are plenty included from multiple other clubs. If you follow Georgia soccer, there are a lot of big names on the rosters (and a few big names missing).

If you'll permit me, I'd like to offer a bit of advice. Don't focus too much on these kids. Have you heard the expression "Don't tweet at recruits"? Well, it's the same thing for academy players. Try to avoid giving them too much attention on social media. Let them be kids, even if they're playing for what will be one of the best academies in North America.

The team will keep you posted on their progress and results, so there's not need to bother the kids. Let them develop, play, and exist in relative anonymity. Don't be the man (or woman) tweeting at recruits.

The teams begin Development Academy play in August. The academy season runs from August through July, culminating with the academy playoffs.

Atlanta United FC will most likely be competing in the Development Academy's Southeastern Division, a division in which the club's forebear, Georgia United, has enjoyed a lot of success.