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Here's the obligatory Andrew Carleton highlight reel to get you hyped up

Better hurry. The Carleton hype train is almost full...

In the off chance you don't know who or, more importantly, how good Atlanta United's first Homegown player is, Top Drawer Soccer has done you the favor of creating a "Cliff's Notes" version of the club's fourth player.

As you can see in the video, Andrew Carleton has played for the USYNT and Georgia United. He is currently preparing to take part with U17 team in preparation for the U17 World Cup in India in 2017

Will Parchman wrote back in April that Georgia United players have been amassing Homegown minutes under Atlanta United since the beginning of the academy season. That means more Georgia United players could be offered Homegrown Player contracts once the minute threshold for Homegrown status is reached.

There are at least three other players who have played for US youth national teams on Georgia United and could all eventually be signed by Atlanta United as Homegrown players come 2017.

But back to Andrew - he's really good.