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Recap: Peachtree City MOBA fall to Carolina Dynamo in PDL action

Southside Peachtree City MOBA lost their first home opener on Wednesday night 2-0 to the visitors Carolina Dynamo. Following Saturday's performance against Tormenta FC the loss comes as a disappointment, leaving MOBA 3-4-0 on the season. After 15 minutes of midfield possession battles, Dynamo player Mamadee Nyepon was able to find a huge amount of open space on MOBA's left and masterfully chipped the ball over goalie Jeremy Booth. Nyepon notched a brace when he volleyed in a cross into the box just before going out of bounce in the 65th minute. While MOBA was able to create minor chances, by the 75th minute MOBA was clearly worn down. However, the game was not necessarily without bright spots for the Peachtree City.

Sometimes it is easy to forget in this age of instant highlights and high dimension screens that soccer is not always played for a result. A loss can teach a team their weaknesses or in rare circumstances, exposes a player as a fledgling genius. Menotti, the great champion of romantic soccer, let us know that a futbolista is not a machine working towards an end but "a privileged interpreter of the feelings and dreams of thousands of people". In the last two games it has become quite clear that Salomon Lorenzano is such an interpreter of dreams. The crowd clapped several times when he touched the ball and evaded an oncoming attacker or as he did in the 81st minute dissect 3 Dynamo players in the midfield with 3 quick passes to himself. Lorenzano was reason enough to watch the match.

This win sees the Dynamo go top of the PDL South Atlantic Division, which is another reason for MOBA to not be too worried about the loss. MOBA themselves sit in a very comfortable 5th and will have the opportunity to improve their home form as they will be playing the next six games at home in Peachtree City. Hopefully, MOBA will see the results that make aspiring artists like Lorenzano into scouted prospects.

Peachtree City MOBA return to action against Tri-Cities FC on June 22, 2016 at 7:00 pm.