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Teammate pens emotional farewell letter to Hector Villalba

Is it dusty in here or is it just me?

As we still wait patiently for the logistics of Hector "Tito" Villalba's transfer from San Lorenzo to be worked out, his teammates, friends, and fans have continuously sent an outpouring of emotional farewell messages to their departing pal.

All over Twitter there are San Lorenzo supporters wishing him good luck in his next adventure (which is strongly rumored to be with Atlanta United after a short-term loan). However, the most moving message so far has come from one of his teammates at the Argentine Primera Division club. Defender Gonzalo Prosperi sent out this beautiful and touching message today:

Here's a rough translation:

Today, you leave on a new journey. It only seems like yesterday when I cut your hair off at Cardales, you grew up fast guacho!!! In the next couple of days you will probably remember lots of past experiences you lived with us trips, food, drinking mate (regional drink), conversations, sad times, and times of joy. We bid you fare well with applauses for the person you are, for your humbleness and because we have seen all the hard work you have put in to accomplish your dreams. Now I really bid you fare well. I wish you the best Titin, take care and continue to grow.

It certainly appears as if Villalba was a loved member of the San Lorenzo team and will be dearly missed by all at the club. Hopefully (if the rumors are true), he'll have the same impact on Atlanta United once he arrives.