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Hector Villalba Update: Europe potentially a loan option for the forward

Tijuana still the favorite to get the Argentine

Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

While Atlanta United supporters eagerly wait for an official announcement from the club regarding Hector Villalba, it seems as though details about the transfer and where he'll go on loan are still in flux.

"Defining either today or tomorrow where Tito Villalba will play. They could also loan him to club in Spain."

Villalba has long been linked to Tijuana in Mexico, but this news adds a wrinkle to discussions regarding his future before playing for Atlanta United. San Lorenzo reporter, Diego Castognolo, told local radio in Argentina that Europe was an option, but did not give further details.

This is likely the reason Atlanta United has not officially announced the signing of the 21-year-old. However, it has been made clear through pictures and comments on social media that Villalba will be leaving the club, potentially making a stop in Atlanta before going out on loan.