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Atlanta United home kit to be unveiled in the fall, away kit in early 2017

The much-anticipated announcement of Atlanta United's kit sponsor came on Tuesday. American Family Insurance won the bidding process to earn the right to grace the front of every kit the club will don for the foreseeable future. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Darren Eales tells that it's a "top-tier" deal.

The same report confirms that the club's first ever home kit will be released sometime in the fall of this year. Which means we're extremely close to finally getting to see and buy an Atlanta United kit! According to the CEO of AmFam, Jack Salzwedel, the home kit has already been designed and he's blown away by what he's seen.

While we're all awaiting the home kit, there's still another factor to consider. Every team needs two kits. We pretty much already know that the home kit will resemble AC Milan's famous look, yet we have no idea what a possible away kit could look like. It turns out that we won't know for a while longer. Eales says that the away kit will not be unveiled until early 2017 before the season starts.

Honestly, that's the ideal scenario. Releasing both kits at the same time would be a waste of an opportunity. Like it or not, a team's kit is extremely important and the release of them are a big deal. Having two separate events to get excited for just makes perfect sense.