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WATCH: FC Dallas' Fabian Castillo pulls off a perfect rabona assist

We're still about eight months away from Atlanta United taking the field in their first Major League Soccer match. While we're finally starting to get news of player signings and able to see the inaugural roster take shape, we're still left to live vicariously through other team's on the field.

Sometimes MLS gets a bad reputation for not being the most attractive league or have the most skillful players. Then someone like Fabian Castillo comes along and pulls off a rabona assist for FC Dallas and all those criticisms fall by the wayside.

Often attempted in most leagues around the world but rarely accomplished, Castillo executed the extravagant skill move last night against the Chicago Fire while setting up a lovely goal in the process.

It's never smart to over-analyze one moment of brilliance, but Castillo is the mold of player MLS need to be focused on acquiring. Young, skillful, and exciting. If the guys with money start investing more in these types of players than the old fogies who might sell some kits, the overall quality of the league would skyrocket.