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WATCH: Minnesota United goalkeeper scores one of the craziest own goals you'll ever see vs. Bournemouth

It's that lovely time of the year again. Summer time in the United States you can count on three things. High temperatures, afternoon thunderstorms, and European soccer teams coming over for friendlies.

NASL club and future MLS franchise Minnesota United hosted Premier League club AFC Bournemouth today in a friendly. United's goalkeeper is Sammy Ndjock. He had a rough night tonight as the video below will attest:

Ndjock scored one of the most insane own goals you're every going to see in professional soccer. He was attempting an outlet throw to one of his defenders and instead, held on a little too long and threw it right into his own net for a goal for the other team.

Mistakes happen in sports, but this is one moment that he'll never letdown as it will be on gag reels all over the place.