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ATLSoccerCon coming up this Saturday at Red Brick Brewing

As the Atlanta soccer scene continues to grow, this weekend provides you a chance to meet like minded folks and grab some tasty beverages while you’re at it.

The first ATLSoccerCon will be this Saturday from 2:00-5:00pm at Red Brick Brewing. The event will include a live version of our weekly #ATLSoccer chats, moderated by the Mouths of the South. The panel will include representatives from the American Outlaws’ Atlanta chapter, Footie Mob, Resurgence, and Terminus Legion.

One of my favorite games as a kid, Subbuteo, will be making an appearance at the ATLSoccerCon with lessons and a demonstration. Bring your figures and check out the ones from other fans.

Fans will also be bringing their soccer jerseys and swag to display and trade. A USMNT collection will be on hand, featuring most every jersey since 1993. Bring jerseys, scarves, and other team gear to buy, sell, or trade.

The event will close with a Meet & Greet with members from the US Paralympic Soccer Team. They are currently training in the Atlanta area preparing for their trip to Rio and the Paralympic Games.

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