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Peachtree Post Episode 3: Discussing Villalba, Kreis, MLS, and more


Welcome to the latest edition of the Peachtree Post. Thanks to everyone who has been listening so far, we really appreciate the support!

In this episode, we discuss the latest updates on Hector “Tito” Villalba, Jason Kreis, and the MLS summer transfer window. We preview Sunday’s Kansas City-Seattle game and what it could mean for the Sounders moving forward. We also look ahead to Saturday’s ATLSoccerCon.

We’re new, so look for us on Stitcher (any day now) and iTunes to listen that way. Please rate us and give us feedback, let us know what you would like to hear discussed on future editions.


Jarrett Smith (@Jarrett_Smith)

Jason Longshore (@Longshoe)

Peachtree Post (@Peachtree_Post)

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