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WATCH: Tito Villalba's first interview with Xolos

Hector Villalba has officially joined Club Tijuana in Liga MX. This much we know for certain. The Mexican club announced as much on Thursday night. However, details of the move remain vague at best with the club's official release not releasing the terms of his arrival. It's rumored that he'll join on loan for six months and rejoin Atlanta United in January.

Nevertheless, Villalba is undoubtedly with Xolos. He even gave his first interview last night. Here's a video of it here:

"I am happy to be here and happy about how the group received me," Villalba said in his first official interview. "I'm excited to be at the coaches' disposal and get to play. I am excited about this phase and I will run after every ball I get to play for."

He seems like a genuine kid who is excited for a new challenge in his career. We wish him all the best in Mexico and hope he does well.