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Peachtree Post #4: Atlanta United’s manager search and the favorites for MLS Cup

Also, a look at a smoldering crater in MLS

Jarrett and I are back for this week’s edition of the Peachtree Post for your listening pleasure.

This week, we look at the manager search for Atlanta United. How would the three “leading” candidates fare in Atlanta? Who else should be considered?

What’s next on the roster with the transfer window as it closes on August 3? With Villalba’s loan to Xolos being announced in Mexico last night, we discussed what is next for the players now under contract.

We also used the MLS All-Star break to look at the standing and pick some favorites and wild cards for MLS Cup.

Check us on the audio player above. You can also find us on iTunes, Stitcher, and Overcast.

Thanks for listening!