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POLL: Will Atlanta United acquire a DP this summer?

We want your opinion

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Today is the day. The MLS transfer opened today and will remain open for one month. With just half of a season remaining until business really picks up for Atlanta United it's about time for moves to start being made.

This window offers the club a chance to scour the world for talent and to start making deals. If a player is acquired, they will be loaned out to either the Charleston Battery or another first-division team around the world. It really just depends on the level of player signed. If it's a proven player they aren't going to want to play in the USL and I highly doubt the club would want to waste their time in sending them there. So, if an impact player is signed this summer, the club will need to find a team in Mexico/Europe/Etc. to loan them to until January camp begins to keep them match fit.

There's a good chance that if Atlanta United begin the 2017 MLS season with a high profile player they'll be signed during this window. So, what we want to know from you is this. Do you think the club will sign a Designated Player? Keep in mind that a DP doesn't necessarily have to be a "star player" but can also include what's referred to as a Young Designated Player too.

So, what say you? Will Atlanta United add a DP this summer?