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Ready to start playing soccer video games as Atlanta United?

Where you at EA Sports?!

While we all wait for Atlanta United to be introduced to the FIFA 17, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) has already given players the chance to play at the new MLS franchise. AND IT LOOKS GLORIOUS!


I'm not in complete agreement with the kit choice I assume was created within the game by this specific player, but the dude is playing as Atlanta United - I'm not going to be too picky. The "gold" looks more yellow and I think I'd like to see more black stripes on the shirt. Also, WHY THE HELL IS EVERY PLAYER IN A LONG SLEEVE SHIRT?! I know some supporters that won't like that.

I don't know who any of these players are. Chances are, PES has some automatic name generator that filled in the gaps until the 2017 MLS downloadable pack is introduced. It seems as if Atlanta United was created to play within NASL just to show the Minnesota United FC/Atlanta United FC matchup. I will say, C. Mazzarelli (an Italian I presume) didn't look good in the goal given up to MNUFC. He failed to track back on his man allowing a through-pass into the box to an unmarked A. Vela. Right-back, W. Ewald, also largely to blame for the easy goal.

The stadium isn't an exact replica of The Benz, but it's pretty damn close. I don't know how all of us were able to coordinate colors so that we checkerboarded the stadium in black and red, but I think it looks pretty awesome. We also seem to have our chants and singing down and I imagine the stadium will be filled exactly like in the image above.

It's not 100 percent accurate, but it's still really cool to see the future hometown team suiting up, lining up and conceding the early goal to MNUFC in a four minute clip. If this doesn't get you excited for 2017, hand over your Atlanta United fan card.