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Lil Wayne's son won a youth soccer tournament in Georgia

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so the Youth Report isn't until Wednesday, but we have a special addition to the news round-up. Apparently there's a little under-9 star in Georgia, who just happens to have a very famous father.

That's right. Lil Wayne apparently has a son who plays youth soccer in Atlanta. His team, Inter Atlanta U-9's, won the SSA Summer Classic for their age group.

Georgia youth soccer is constantly growing, but who knew it was a hotbed for famous people's kids? Before you know it, Atlanta United are going to be the go-to soccer club for Hollywood's elite. Just make sure we treat Puff Daddy's kids properly. We don't need any TMZ drama.

But seriously, this just goes to show you how deep youth soccer is in the state and it's only gaining momentum.